Why Hiking Is Great Exercise

There is nothing more enjoyable than being out on a trail, hiking until you are exhausted and then realizing that you accomplished something truly impressive that day. A lot of people get scared of hiking because it seems to involve so much work. But it is like any activity. It can seem daunting in the beginning but it is not so difficult when you get the hang of it. Plus, hiking is a hugely beneficial activity for your health. It is great exercise for the body. Here are some reasons why it is such a great activity.

1. Total Body Workout

There are so many workouts that you can choose if you go to the gym. You could lift weights, go on the treadmill, do some biking or try the elliptical. Each of these options has its merits. But none are the total body workout that you are getting with hiking. When you are hiking, it is not as simple as just walking around.

You are going uphill, downhill, trying different routes and walking outside for hours. It is a full body effort, especially if you are lifting a big bag on your shoulders for much of the trip. You are toning nearly every muscle in your body. It’s a great exercise.

2. Improving Cardio Fitness

If you are like most people who live a sedentary lifestyle, you may feel that your cardio fitness is not nearly good enough. It is a common issue when you are sitting down at work and at home a lot of the time. You may feel that even walking up and down the stairs is a workout!

One way that you can change those circumstances is by attempting to learn a sport like hiking. Not only does it get you out of the house and away from your regular routine, but it also helps with cardio fitness. You will find that you are not only burning many calories, but you are working your heart when you are hiking. Your heart rate rises and it is an effort that lasts many hours.

A few weeks of regular hiking and you will find that going up the stairs is as easy as walking around your room was in the past. Now you are a lot fitter. Your cardio health is much better than when you were totally sedentary.

3. Total Wellness

There are many studies that show that when you are regularly active, you will eat and drink in a healthier way as well. Why does that happen? Because when you are physically exerting yourself, you can feel when your body is not being fed the right nutrients. You will feel exhausted, heavy and easily tired while being active.

If you are hiking even a single time a week, you will want to spend the rest of the week fueling your body in the right way. When you are thinking about having dinner, you will want something healthy instead of a massive pizza.

Even in times when you are not hiking, you will be living a healthier lifestyle. It is a total wellness package that can change the way that you are living. Many people credit the fact they started hiking with their change in lifestyle. They realized they were making bad choices that hurt their body, which is why they made a major change to how they were functioning on a daily basis.

You can make these positive changes too. It all starts with a hiking trip!