Three Reasons You Should Start Hiking

Are you thinking about making some changes in your life? It is an understandable notion, especially if you are not happy with some aspects of your life. Many people feel they are not living their life in the way they want.

Whether they are unhappy, tired all the time, overweight or just not in the place they want, they think it is time to make changes. It is a good feeling, when you decide to make a change. At least you have found the issue and want to resolve it. We believe that hiking is one step that you can take in a positive direction.

Here are three reasons to start hiking.

1. Social Activity

A lot of people think of physical activity as being a way out of their problems. It is a good notion. Too many of us are sedentary all the time. It is not healthy to sit around at work or at home for most of the week.

The problem with many fitness activities is they are solo. You go to the gym, lift some weights and spend some time on the treadmill. Aside from a casual conversation, you will barely interact with another person in that process.

Hiking is more than an activity. It is a social activity. Not only are you exercising and pushing your body in ways you did not before, but you are doing it with other people. It will motivate you to do more, it makes you look forward to going on a hike, and it will ensure that you are enjoying yourself out there.

2. Boost Creativity and Problem Solving

A lot of people see hiking as just walking around in the wild for a few hours. It is so much more. Not only do you have to deal with going uphill, downhill and handling different terrains, but sometimes you have to solve problems. Say you are hiking as a small group but you get a little lost. Now you do not know where to go.

What will you do? Hiking is a great way to improve your creativity and problem solving skills. In those moments, you can only rely on yourself. You may not have smartphone signal, you did not bring a map and you need to get back on the trail.

Solving problems as a group is a great way to learn skills that you can use at work and in your personal life!

3. Improve Your Mental Health

There is a good reason why we are talking more about mental health these days. A lot of people are going through problems where they just do not feel as though they are in the right mental shape.

You may not think that hiking is related to mental health. But it can help a lot. The dopamine that you get out of exercising can boost you in ways that you may not even realize. Plus, hiking is a fun activity! You are looking forward to going on your weekend hike for the whole week. It is a purpose in your life that was not there before.

Those who are experiencing depression or a feeling that nothing is worth doing can try to turn things around by exercising more. You will find that it is incredibly refreshing when you are exercising so much and in such a fun way.

Hiking can truly change your life. It is just a matter of giving it a try!