Beginner Tips for Surviving Outdoors

Everyone assumes they will have a wonderful and easy time when they go hiking or camping for the first time. If you get lucky, you may have a great experience that will not have any hurdles for you to jump through. However, most people will admit that when they go camping or hiking for the first time, they inevitably run into some trouble. If that happens to you, we want to make sure that you are fully prepared to take care of yourself. Here are some beginner tips for surviving outdoors that you may appreciate.

1. Manage Your Attitude

It goes without saying, but a great deal of what happens when you are in the outdoors is based on your attitude. If you are the type of person who is easily flustered, confused or panicked, then you may have a hard time pulling yourself together when you face a mini crisis.

Another aspect of your attitude is accepting that you are outdoors. Yes, it will be warmer than you expected. You may have to encounter flies or mosquitos. There will be a moment when you wish you were back inside and in an air conditioned room. Moving past these moments and appreciating the greatness of the outdoors will help you immensely.

2. Water Sources

If you are on a trip on a camping or hiking site or in a forest, you may find that you need to obtain a natural source of water. Most people do not pack a ton of bottled water, given the weight issues that it can present.

In these instances, we recommend that you take some type of water filter on your trip. Ensure that you buy a filter that can remove any and all pollutants from water. Such filters can be a little expensive, but they are well worth it for regular outdoor enthusiasts. These filters can be used to clean the water from any freshwater source, such as a lake or stream.

3. Lighting a Fire

Even in the summer, when the night time approaches, the water can cool down and things get a bit chilly. Besides, you will not want to sit in darkness when you are in the wild. Being able to light a fire that is right near your campsite is very helpful. Make sure you look at various tutorials of how to start a fire, along with any tools you may need to bring on your trip. Having these tools at your disposal will make your life a lot easier when it is time to create your fire.