About Us

There is something truly special about heading into the outdoors, spending time with nature and getting away from your daily routine. Whether you plan a trip every weekend, one time a month or a few times a year, it is important to ensure that you do not lose sight of your love for the great outdoors.

We have not lost ours for a very long time. It is the reason why we decided to create this website. We wanted a place where everyone could come together and share their tips, tricks and suggestions for surviving when you go hiking, camping, fishing or on any type of outdoor trip.

The purpose of the site is to cater to everyone who loves the outdoors. Whether you are someone who goes camping every week or you are new to the idea of spending a weekend in the wilderness, we want our site to be a resource for you. It is why we have a great focus on beginner content that can help you plan for your first camping, hiking, fishing or hunting trip. But we also have a lot of content that our more seasoned readers will enjoy.

We promise that if you are heading on an outdoor trip, you can use our site to better plan every aspect of this excursion. While you may not have a use for all our content, we can guarantee that it is well researched, sourced and written in a way that anyone can understand.

We are outdoors enthusiasts with a long history of love for the outdoors, which is why certain lingo is natural to us. But the goal of the site is to attract beginners, which is why we make sure that anyone can understand our pieces, even if they have never encountered such topics before!

Another interesting aspect of our site is to encourage people to spend more time outdoors with their families. We have seen the way that being outdoors can increase a child’s curiosity, as it allows them to explore areas and locations they did not know about. It is why we have many guides that will help parents and families ensure they can have a wonderful camping or hiking trip together.

Whether you are looking for a list of supplies you need to buy, tips on the best locations to go and have a wonderful time, or you simply want to read about our recent outdoor experiences, you will love the content that we have put up on our website.