Do You Need A Cooler On A Camping Trip?

Have you been camping recently? Perhaps you are thinking about setting up a trip with the family this summer. It is a …

Have you been camping recently? Perhaps you are thinking about setting up a trip with the family this summer. It is a great idea. Not only do you get to spend time with the whole family, but your kids will get to enjoy the outdoors.

There are so many fun activities for the whole family when you are camping. Hiking nearby trails can be great fun, and also healthy exercise, and the same for kayaking, swimming in the lake, or just walking nearby enjoying the nature – you name it.

The only issue is that it can get really hot in the summer, which is why we think that packing drinks and food in a cooler is a must!

Coolers for Camping Trips – Are They a Must?

In short – YES. Unless you like warm beer, camping without cooler can quickly turn into frustration as you discover that not only your drinks got warm, but your food didn’t make it till the DAY 2.

Drinking warm beverages isn’t what you want, really. At the point drinks get warm, you will not even want to them at all.

Trust me, it happened to us on our first camping trip a few years ago. We decided that we did not need a cooler for camping. It ended up being a miserable experience, where drinking water was a chore as it was so hot!

It is a much better idea if you take a cooler with, as you will be able to enjoy cold beverages throughout your entire trip. One of the key advantages of a cooler is that you can also put some perishable food items in there.

Say you want to pack some sandwiches or other meals that can go bad if they are sitting in the warm air for too long – having a cooler is a life saver!

Choosing The Right Cooler

There are many great options if you want to buy a cooler. Just ensure you are getting one that has a lot of insulation, gets a good seal when you close it up and can fit all your drinks and ice without a problem. For best insulation, consider roto molded coolers, which have thick insulation and are molded as one piece construction.

An no, it doesn’t have to be an expensive YETI. These days, there are many cheap roto molded coolers available out there, unlike a few years ago when YETI was almost the only choice out there.

Most coolers for camping will list how many drinks you can add, along with the appropriate ice. You’ll also know their maximum capacities, and ice retention periods. Be sure to read those descriptions before you pack the cooler.

Packing Tips

In terms of packing a cooler, it is not such a difficult process when you get the hang of it. The first thing you will want to do is add drink cans and bottles that you know are going to be a little heavy.

These items can go on the bottom, otherwise, they will squish everything else. Another tip is to cool everything for hours in the fridge before putting into your cooler, as it brings down the core temperature of the cooler.

If you are also packing food that you are worried about spoiling, add it on top of the drinks that you just packed. Now put the ice directly on top. Your ice should be in direct contact with the perishable food, as those are the items you want staying cold for the longest time.

So long as you followed all those steps, you should have a perfected fitted out cooler that you can use on your trip. A last tip that you might find handy is to make sure that you are keeping your cooler in the shade. The longer it is exposed to direct sunlight, the quicker you will discover that your beverages are getting warm.

Thanks, and have fun camping!